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These stickers were made in collaboration with my friend and incredibly talented calligrapher and sticker designer Rachel of @_made_by_rachel_. With her illustration and hand-lettering skills, my yarn expertise, and our mutual love of a good pun, we put our heads together to come up with a collection of stickers inspired by and for the yarn community.


These stickers are professionally printed with a matte finish and made of durable, high-quality vinyl. They are weatherproof, water resistant, fade resistant and dishwasher safe. 


  • Cake: "I was told there'd be cake" hand-lettered around a stack of five yarn cakes
  • 99 Problems: "99 problems but a squish ain't one" hand-lettered on top of a skein of yarn (The Conifer Collective "Botanic Garden" colorway)
  • Yarn Baller: "Yarn baller, shot caller" hand-lettered around a stack of five balls of yarn
  • Makers Gonna Make: "Makers gonna make" hand-lettered, surrounded by various types of projects made of yarn and fiber
  • One Skein: the conifer collective "Extra Sprinkles" colorway on a skein of Big Fluff super bulky yarn
  • Five Skeins: the conifer collective "Botanic Garden," "Alpenglow," "Summer Sherbet," "Jenny of Oldstones," and "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" skeined and lined up in a row
  • the conifer collective Logo: "the conifer collective" hand-lettered with a pine cone above

Yarnie Stickers

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